• If you are interested in renting OSU housing for fall, please first look at the building. (If you wish, you may ask one of the residents if they plan to renew and if you may view the campus apartment.) To arrange a showing of the unit:

    Drop by our leasing office at 1946 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43201

    Or call us at 614.299.4110

    • A holding fee must be paid to reserve any apartment; first come, first served. Applicants and persons under 23 years of age, or any applicant without sufficient income and credit, require a co-guarantor of the lease by a parent or legal guardian. We do not approve applicants with prior evictions and/or bankruptcies.
    • Tenants pay all utilities.
    • Lease must be completed and returned within ten days or the unit will be put back on the market, and all payments will be forfeited.
    • The 1st and last months installment must be paid in full for all occupants by the date that is due on the lease, or the unit will be put back on the market, and all payments will be forfeited.
    • Application fee is $30.00 per resident.
    • Application Fees & Holding Fees to hold or reserve an apartment are non-refundable!
    • Rental payments for the entire installment charge must be paid in the form of one check or money order for the full charge amount. Online payments can be made with a checking/savings account or credit Card.
      *Credit cards are only accepted online and third party fees may apply*
    • Multi check, credit card or money order payments for rent will result in a $50.00 penalty for each additional check/CC/money order received.

    Your information is password protected and all transactions are both encrypted and securely transmitted.

    Renter’s insurance is required, please refer to your lease for details.